Volume 1, Issue 4  

3rd Quarter 2008


Fall Rush Week 2008

Monday, August 18
Taste of the Quad – Come meet the members of the Greek community and enjoy the evening’s festivities.  Take advantage of all of the food and entertainment provided.

Tuesday, August 19
Come meet distinguished members of the fraternity, as well as many of our members who have graduated and are living successful lives.  Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm, so bring your appetite.

Wednesday, August 20
Prepare for classes tomorrow with the entertainment of some local comedians.  Laugh All Nite comedy will be presenting some of the best comedians in the greater Chicago area.  Show starts at 7:00, so don’t be late.

Thursday, August 21
Relax after the first day of classes and join us on our annual trip to Hooters restaurant downtown.  We will be leaving from the chapter house at 6:00 and make the trip via the CTA, so make sure to have your UPASS!

Friday, August 22
Finish off your first week on campus with live music on the lawn in front of our chapter house.  Enjoy the music presented by student band Kaiserkeller, as well as others.  Bands start at 7:30.

Saturday, August 23
Wake up and join the men of Alpha Sigma Phi as we contribute to our community.  When we return, a brunch will be served at the chapter house.

  What’s News

The latest happenings in and around the chapter...

Isabella Ann Swan was born on May 18 at 8:58 PM to brother Chris Swan, ('96) and wife Lisa.

Roland Erwin Laiser was born on May 26 at 5:06 PM to brother Moshe Laiser ('99) and wife Susanne.

Ling Qi ('97) and wife gave birth to a boy, 綦振豪 (Zack Qi) on June 18, weighing in at 7lb 2oz.

On August 6th at 5:59 PM Robb Phiri ('99) and wife Chandra had their first baby, Thandiwe Grace Phiri weighing 7 lbs and 13 ounces.

John Crane ('98) has moved to a new IT consulting firm and is now with Dynamic Solutions Group, serving clients in Chicago's loop.  If you're downtown, let's do lunch.

Tim Nystrand ('05), currently the undergraduate chapter president, has stepped down to become the RA. He replaced Brother Matt Moy ('01) per sanctions by the school.

Initiated: 5/2/1987
Roster number: 745
Big Brother: Matt Winefield
Marital Status: Happily Married w/ 3 kids

Major:  (at IIT) Finance, BBA
Graduated from: IIT

Update: -left blank-

Brothers he'd most like to see profiled: Rhoel Tierra

Initiated: 9/19/1999
Roster number: 875
Big Brother: Shawn Schiffner
Marital Status: Married with child

Major:  BS and MS in Electrical Engineering
Graduated from: IIT, also currently enrolled in "Parenting 101" and "Holy S**T, I'm a Parent 102"

Update: Currently chilling and working in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Doing Bluetooth engineering for the fifth largest Tier 1 automotive supplier in the world. Joined the parents club about 3 months ago (a boy). Still skateboarding and rock climbing when he gets the chance (once every blue moon).

Brothers he'd most like to see profiled:
Seungbi, Ling, Marin, Rene, The old guard, etc...

Save the Date!

Black and White is coming up soon!

Black and White this year will be held on December 6th which is our Founder's Day. The old gal will be turning 163. Details on location and cost and time will follow. If you would like to know more or lend a hand with black and white please contact the current HP, Ronald Chan at hp@iitalphasigs.org. If you've been interested in showing your support for the house, this might be an excellent time to plug back in and get involved.

  ALUMNI PROFILE:  Antonis Antoniou
Initiated: 11/9/2002
Roster number: 904
Big Brother: Aleks Leposavic (Lepke)
Marital Status: In between girlfriends aka single

Major:  Computer Engineering
Graduated from: IIT, in May 2006

Update: Currently living in Chicago and doing graduate work towards his EE masters at IIT. Plans to graduate this fall and find a job. Hopefully it will pay good money.

Brothers he'd most like to see profiled:
Louis Tourtellotte, Chris Vafinis, Mike Reed, Joe Sutalo
Upcoming Birthdays

Don't see your birthday? If so, please pass it along to secretary@corp.iitalphasigs.org.

    -8th - Corwin Reese
    -8th - Louis Tourtellotte  
    -12th - Nick Palladino
    -16th - John Crane
    -17th - Paul March
    -23rd - Michael Sepcot

    -2nd - Moshe Laiser
    -6th - Stephen Evanoff  
    -7th - Luke Krauszowski
    -19th - Tim Nystrand
    -20th - Robert Phiri & Todd Dalessandro
    -23rd - Mohammed Almashat
    -26th - Vito Natale
 -27th - Steve Truch & Stuart Matthews

  Volunteers Needed!

The housing corporation is searching for some brothers that can bring experience to our upcoming renovation campaign. If you haven't seen the campus in a while, it's changing. New student dorms, a new student center, and remodeled classrooms; the chapter house is
essentially unchanged since the 1960s. We are in the early stages of developing a plan to modernize the house, and both architectural and
fund raising experience will be invaluable. Please contact me at HousingCorpPresident@iitalphasigs.org or (312) 498-3475 if you would be interested, or know of someone I should contact.

Shawn Schiffner '96
Housing Corporation President

Recent update from Brother Ling Qi

I have never been very good at keeping in touch (apologies), and recently this particular bad habit has been degenerating (more apologies).

That said, I have recently gotten a better excuse about it: As many of you may already know, on Jun 18, my wife had given birth to a boy, 綦振豪 (Zack Qi), weighting in at 7lb 2oz. He is a fairly average baby with the same astounding ability to generate his own weight in dirty diapers every day. He has also inherited some very excellent genes from me: from the nocturnal nature to the lack of hair. I have finally been able to coax one photo worth sharing, and it is attached.

Between diaper changes, I am involved in an eternal struggle between two companies for dominance in the PC graphics arena. The latest salvo from our side is called "GTX 280" which is mainly a piece of silicon the size of a postage stamp that can draw upwards of 180 amperes. If all goes well, these types of processor will be able to cure cancer and bring world peace in several years time.

Best wishes,

-Ling Qi

[for pictures and such, http://picasaweb.google.com/lingqi/]